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CATS Canterbury

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Canterbury is a UNESCO World Heritage site with thousands of years of history. The city is home to both the world-famous Canterbury Cathedral and a striking 12th century castle.

Why Choose CATS Canterbury?

•Induction - During your induction we ensure that you have everything you need to make Canterbury your second home. We will register you with a doctor’s surgery, show you the local banks, shopping areas, bus routes and bookshops so that you can settle in easily, as well as introducing you to clubs so that you can make friends.

•Supportive House Parents - We pride ourselves on growing a community of excited and happy students – from helping you settle into your residence, to creating a caring home for you to feel comfortable in. Our team of live-in House Parents are always on hand to provide you with the highest standard of safety and pastoral care. Your House Parent will also make teachers aware of issues that happen outside of the classroom such as homesickness or trouble with homework, so that you are fully supported at every step of your CATS journey.

•Personal Tutor (PT) - Every student at CATS is assigned a PT to make sure that you are happy and able to fulfil your potential, and together with about 15 other students this will form your Personal Tutor Group. Your PT will guide and assist you in all areas of life at the school, and will meet with you each week to discuss your personal development – from personal wellbeing to aims and targets, challenges and accomplishments.

•Director of Personal Development and the Senior Tutor - Our Director of Personal Development oversees all Personal Tutors and Programme Directors for IB, A level and Foundation, while our Senior Tutor does the same for Pre and GCSE programmes. So you can be confident that you are getting the best teaching and support possible, and can contact someone every day if needed.

•Personal Development - Being in the UK is not just about studying, but also about understanding cultures which may be very different from your own. Each week you will have a Personal Development session with your Personal Tutor, which is your opportunity to discuss issues which may be affecting you.

•Welfare Team - Our Welfare Team will ensure that you have everything you need – offering advice on travel, culture shock, personal support and counselling. We are here to provide a supportive, caring and safe environment so that you can have confidence in yourself, respect for others and feel confident settling into your new home.

•Health Centre and medical matron - Our fully trained onsite Health Centre staff manage the Health Centre and provide physical and emotional support including medicine and health advice, emotional support, information on diet and healthy living, assessing and providing treatment if required, making referrals to doctors, dentists and other specialists, and counselling for personal issues.

•Keeping parents informed - Our Student Services Team act as a link between your subject teachers, House Parents and your parents. Your parents are always welcome to meet with any members of staff, and will be updated on your grades every half term, receive a half-termly newsletter and a magazine twice a year, as well as having access to the free CATS Canterbury app where all important information is posted.

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