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Department of Education and Training Victoria

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Department of Education and Training Victoria
Funding for the tutor learning initiative
The $250 million Tutor Learning Initiative enables government schools, and eligible non-government schools, to provide support to students during the 2021 school year.

Through the initiative, over 4,100 teaching professionals work as tutors to deliver small group learning to students. The extra resources help support the learning and engagement of students who struggled most during remote and flexible learning due to COVID-19 in 2020.

Evidence suggests students who struggled most with remote and flexible learning include those:

•with low levels of English
•already at risk of disengaging from school
•with home environments not conducive to remote and flexible learning
•enrolled in applied programs
•who need educational and health and wellbeing supports at school but were unable to access them at home.

The initiative is the single largest investment in targeted learning support in the state’s history. It's expected to support more than 200,000 students across all year levels in secondary, primary, and specialist schools.

How the initiative works
The initiative is consistent with Australian and international evidence that demonstrates effective learning intervention is through tutoring or small group learning support.

Government schools and eligible non-government schools have received funding to engage tutors. Students are supported by tutors at their school site.

Schools have determined how to put the initiative in place, based on the needs of their students and the school. This includes the engagement of tutors, student support, and hours of work.

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