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Queensland Department of Education

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Queensland Department of Education
The Department of Education delivers high-quality and accessible public education to students through the state schooling system. Information is available about school-related programs and day-to-day state school operations.

Distance education
A schooling service to assist geographically isolated and other home-based students.

All about Prep
Prep is the start of the early stage of learning and is available in all Queensland state schools.

Other education types
Supporting the educational needs of students unable to attend a traditional school setting.

Home education
Information about the registration process for parents wishing to explore the option of educating their child at home.

Independent public schools
We are committed to providing state schools with greater autonomy in decision-making and increased capacity to work in new ways.

Cultural and linguistic diversity
The department recognises the enduring traditions and cultures of the Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander people and also acknowledges the rich migrant heritage of our increasingly diverse society.

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