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International College of Manitoba

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The International College of Manitoba provides a variety of pathway options that prepare students for future year studies with the University of Manitoba. ICM students will experience the advantages of smaller class sizes, a supportive strengths-based atmosphere, as well as many opportunities for leadership and skill development as they progress through their first-year studies. Studying at ICM will provide students the support they need to start off strong and continue to meet their academic goals at the University of Manitoba. I look forward to welcoming you to the ICM community.

What do we offer?
ICM offers foundation as well as pathways to an undergraduate degree at the University of Manitoba. The UTP Stage II programs are the equivalent to the first year of the University's Bachelor's Degree. Upon successful completion of UTPII, students transfer into the second year of their degree at the University of Manitoba.*

*To progress to the second year at the University of Manitoba you must successfully complete 30 credit hours of advanced standing, meet the required GPA and satisfy the relevant entry requirements.

Why choose us?
•An opportunity to earn a degree from one of Canada's best universities
•Small class sizes mean you have regular access to your lecturers and more focus on your courses
•Study on-campus with international students from over 80 different countries
•Study in one of the most affordable cities in Canada

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