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INTO Nankai University

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Studying for success at Nankai University
Your future starts here. More than 10,000 international students have graduated from Nankai University’s world-renowned degree programmes. You're just one step away from joining them, and we’re here to help get you there.

Join this prestigious university that consistently ranks in the top 10 in China and benefit from an international study experience in an English-speaking setting. You’ll make new friends, experience a new culture and the learning won’t stop once you leave the classroom.

You’ll graduate with a degree, a new language, work experience and personal growth from adapting to life in a new country. There’s a lot to pack in to your time in China. Don’t worry though, we’re with you every step of the way.

Study in China, learn in English
Much of the teaching faculty have been international students themselves and know how you’ll be feeling in those first weeks. Nankai University is heavily invested in research, so you’ll be at the cutting edge of learning in your subject area.

Teaching doesn’t just take place in the classroom. You’ll get first-hand experience of the workplace through work placements integrated into your studies, learning from potential future colleagues before you’ve even graduated.

Investing in your future
Nankai University has an ambitious building and investment plan to meet your needs for access to the latest technology. The recently-opened new campus library in Jin Nan district has a multi-platform IT suite and large touchscreen devices which can be used for your group discussions, taking notes and brainstorming in group work. Need to build a prototype? No problem. You can access 3D printing facilities too.

An exciting place to live
Tianjin is a booming city of 13 million people – more than London, New York or Tokyo. You’ll find the low cost of living and great transport make Tianjin an ideal base for exploring China during your studies.

You can be in Beijing in 30 minutes for as little as US$8 on the bullet train. Taxis are cheap and plentiful. Your student ID also gets your heavily discounted bus travel. You’ll get to know this glorious city in no time at all.

Learning doesn’t stop at the end of class. You’ll be fully immersed in Chinese culture and there’s so much to learn just by going about your daily life here. As an international student, you’ll find locals will be keen to get to know you and curious to find out about where you’ve come from.

If you’re already thinking about the longer term, we’ve got you covered. Tianjin is booming, more so than any other region in China. It’s also home to one of the largest ports in China.

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