US & Canada Institutions

5 Basic Steps to Study in the U.S.



Research Your Options



Learn about the variety of options available and how to identify an institution that best fits your needs.



Finance Your Studies



Need funding? Explore options or check out our university financial aid opportunity list.



Complete your application



Plan ahead and know the documents and requirements to apply for your program. MMS provides complete guidance from the start until you reach the choice of your universtiy.



Apply for your student visa


Become familiar with U.S. student visa requirements and allow plenty of time to prepare your application.



Prepare to depart


Pre-departure information including gathering documents for arrival and immigration compliance.

Guide to Study Abroad in Canada

1. Decide where you want to live

Being the world’s second largest country by landmass, Canada offers various landscapes, climates and cultures. If you are not a fan of the cold, you should head to the western portions of British Columbia, where there is a moderate oceanic climate. The cities of Victoria and Vancouver are the least frosty in the nation. Vancouver is also great for skiers — within a five hour-drive, you have access to six ski resorts.

2. Investigate your university choices

Canada is home to 92 universities and 175 community colleges. Altogether, they offer more than ten thousand different undergraduate and graduate programs. To date, 26 Canadian institutions made it into the annual Times Higher Education magazine’s World University Rankings.

3. Apply to different institutes

Applying to a Canadian university is very similar to applying to an American one, with emphasis being on your high school grades, personal essays and recommendation letters. It’s a good idea to apply to several schools, ranging from safety schools to matches and reaches.

4. Remember to get student visa

All international students enrolling in school in Canada need a student visa, which is known as a Canadian study permit. Contact our education counselors at MMS to find out more on how you can start applying to study abroad in Europe.

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