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Survival tips for studying abroad in New Zealand

Starting out as an international student in New Zealand is a wonderful experience, but it can be challenging in the beginning .For the first few weeks, you may feel different from life at home and start to miss loved ones. Education counselors at MMS make sure you are properly cared for, but these tips will also help to make your lifetime experience in New Zealand a truly memorable and an enjoyable one. 

Connecting with people

Getting to know people is a great way to keep you occupied when you first arrive in New Zealand. It might be difficult talking to completely new people, especially if English is not your mother tongue. It's always good to start small and talk to the person next to you in class or a roommate. Not only it will distract you from the fact that you are away from home, but also build your self-esteem by opening up to others. 

Be prepared to miss home

It is completely normal and understandable to feel homesick when you are on your own in another country. Everything feels new and strange even the simplest task like buying food and grocery in another country. When you start feeling emotional, keep yourself distracted by doing something active - go for a jog, or go to a library or join a support group with others from the same country. Focus on the real purpose on being in a new place and embrace it. It will help keep your mind positive.

Stay healthy by being active

Keeping yourself healthy by sleeping well and exercising can help you feel better and happy. it is extremely helpful to join a sports team or sign up for the gym is usually a popular option amongst the students. It also helps to stay in touch with other international students and plan for a get together for the emotional and moral support from being in a new place.

Plan your budget

Stressing out about money can distract you from your study.

Make a list of the necessary expenses and try to spend within your means. There are many helpful sites that can guide you to plan a comfortable yet affordable living. It is also wise to download a cost of living calculator to help you develop a realistic budget while studying in New Zealand.

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