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César Ritz Colleges

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Your Learning Experience
We combine the finest of the César Ritz hospitality heritage with today’s leading business curriculum to help you develop an innovative mindset that prepares you for success in the world of international business and hospitality. We achieve this through fostering a unique educational culture that emphasizes entrepreneurship, sustainability, and innovation.

We pride ourselves in creating an inclusive, forward-thinkinglearning environment, where your independence and ideas are highly valued and creativity is strongly encouraged.

Develop An Innovative Mindset
Our approach is to bring together the best academic and practical curricula, shaped by the latest research and technology. Through this combination of academic rigor and real-life application, you will be equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to succeed in a wide variety of industries.

We frequently play host to a variety of guest lecturers who are experts in their respective fields and bring their real-life experience to the classroom.

Experiential Learning
We want you to be engaged in learning, which is why we bring real-life examples into our classrooms to complement the lectures. These activities stimulate your creativity and encourage you to take risks and make mistakes, which ultimately improves your learning and retention.

Experiential learning also requires you to reflect on your own learning processes and to understand what can be applied to your future career.

Here are a few examples of our many activities designed for experiential learning:
• Simulating a zombie pandemic to learn how to prioritize decision-making
• Taking part in an Escape Game to explore business ethics
• Creating a virtual influencer persona by using dolls
• Learning how to fight corruption through an anti-bribery certificate delivered by the UN World Tourism Organization
• Developing key digital skills by learning coding and taking a cybersecurity course

Preparing You for Success
Our accredited degrees, awarded in partnership with Washington State University (US) and University of Derby (UK), are recognized by employers around the world, with César Ritz Colleges Switzerland graduates highly sought after within the hospitality industry and beyond.

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland is also approved as a Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) program provider. WSET is the most reputable and largest global provider of wine, spirits, and sake qualifications. We are also a UN World Tourism Organization TEDQUAL certified program.

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