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Les Roches Global Hospitality Education (Switzerland)

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Who we are, what we do
Three international campuses, more than a hundred nationalities studying with us… when we say “Global Hospitality Education” we really mean it.

Whether you’re looking for undergraduate or graduate programs, Les Roches serves up academic rigor with a twist of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our campuses are uniquely compact and caring environments, while our commitment to Swiss-style, hands-on learning and small class sizes means you’ll make the most of every minute of your study time.

And when you graduate, you’ll be in demand: 94% of our career-seeking students have one or more job offers upon graduation.

Blended learning – how we combine online and on-campus study
Flexibility is at the heart of our remote learning offer, whichever academic program you choose.

At Bachelor’s level you can study your first, Practical Arts semester remotely using our tailor-made platform, Les Roches Connect. You decide whether you wish to take the entire, 20-week semester remotely, or opt for the blended “10+10” option, which features 10 weeks of remote study followed by 10 weeks on campus.

At graduate/Master’s level, all our programs feature a fully flexible blended option, which enables you to begin remotely then join us on campus for face-to-face classes at any point in the taught semester, with seamless integration of your curriculum.

Spark brings students closer to cutting edge hospitality innovation.
Through Spark, we’re building a global sphere to foster hospitality innovation, including pre-incubation and incubation services for startups which are bringing disruptive thinking to our industry and inspiration to our students.

We’re inviting students, alumni and industry partners to develop and test new hospitality solutions in living laboratories on campus.

Spark is also being embedded across our entire academic curriculum, putting innovation and entrepreneurship at the heart of the Les Roches Way of Life.

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