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FAME International College

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FAME International College (FAME) was established since 1998 in Kuching in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia. It was formerly known as FTMS International College. FAME is an acronym for Financial, Accountancy, Management, and Entrepreneurship – four disciples that represent the core of the college.

The vision of FAME is to be ‘A world class education provider that transforms individuals by nurturing, cultivating and instilling wisdom and high awareness’.

FAME focuses on professional and entrepreneurial development that ensures students are successful not only in their studies and future careers but also in their daily lives. This focused approach resulted in students graduating with distinctions at all levels.

In line with the entrepreneurial development focus, FAME International College has been instrumental in co-organising the ASEAN-CHINA Entrepreneurs’ (ACE) Conference. This major event provides the platform for the region’s entrepreneurs to explore and gain inroads into various businesses and trade opportunities within the ASEAN countries and China.

FAME works very closely with UNIMAS’s University Community Transformation Centre (UCTC) and Sarawak Entrepreneurs’ Association (SEA) to bring this event to Kuching. The conference provide participants the opportunities for strategic business networking, sharing of policies and incentives by relevant authorities and policymakers, and trade forum where companies showcase their products and services.

The college encourages a participative culture amongst its academics, staff and students. This resulted in a consistent exchange of information that contributes to the creation of a conducive and comfortable environment for work and study.

The campus is equipped with wifi facility for easy access by students and staff. FAME’s library is fill with reading resources for research and study. It has rooms for small group discussions. The computer lab provides students with free Internet access for research and assignments writing.

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