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HELP University

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HELP University established since 1986 we have grown steadily and sturdily. We have sustained our student numbers and ensured a robust financial position. We have distinguished ourselves by excelling as a thought leader, an incubator of outstanding graduates, a model of selective excellence, and as a community-caring institution.

All these years our educational goals have been to prepare students for a fulfilling and productive stages in their life, from their first job, to graduate school until their subsequent career. The drives of our vision are our values which are based on “Pride Of Achievement, Sharing Success, The Courage to Be, To Be compassionate, and To be Significant”

Scholarships and Bursaries
HELP has awarded many scholarships to encourage academically inclined Malaysian and international students who display leadership qualities to pursue tertiary education at our institutions. Many of these recipients have completed their courses and have embarked on successful careers. HELP welcomes both new and continuing students of merit to apply for scholarships and study awards.

HELP offers a variety of scholarships and financial aids which include:

•Distinction Awards
•Merit Awards
•HELP IT Bursaries
•School Achievers Scholarship Awards (SASA)
•Special Chinese Independent Secondary School Scholarship
•Sports Scholarships for National Sportsmen/Sportswomen
•Packaged-Pathway Bursaries

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