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International College Imperia

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IMPERIA was founded in 1995 by a group of professional estate agents to offer training and human resource development courses to the general public. It was also approved by the Selangor State Education Department for Certificate Courses under the name of “Centre for Continuing Development and Further Education” in October 1996.IMPERIA stands out as a specialist institution that is constantly in demand by the construction & property industries for its graduates.

IMPERIA is committed to maintain our standing as the preferred institution with a conducive environment for personal growth and development of career-ready graduates. The courses undertaking today have gone through extensive explorations to determine its relevancy to the industry’s needs. The exposure received from partner universities and invited speakers as well as the Study Tour aboard Program will transform students into a global students competent to be on par with international counterparts.

students will go through a balanced life and are not only limited to activities within the classroom only. Extra or co-curricular activities complement the curricular activities of the college experience. Students Representative Committee (SRC) provided other outdoor activities for students. SRC promote co-curricular opportunities and encourage students participation in all aspects of campus life. The curricular and extracurricular activities function together to provide the total experience for the students. It is important that a healthy balance exists in a student’s educational life.

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