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MIB College

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MIB College
The spirit of giving has always been within our walls. We understand the importance of passing knowledge on to future generations – just like how our co-founders first imparted their baking knowledge to the local community over 40 years ago, we are now doing the same, and in fact more, backed by an accumulation of experience over the decades.

As educators, our priority is you, and we strive to help you realise your potential, your passion, and ultimately turning that into a love for your work. Having a solid presence in the F&B industry and placing genuine care on student lifestyle, you can rest assured that your journey will be a rewarding one – one that does not end upon completion of your program.

Our education is a holistic experience – one which can transform you from an eager student into a versatile, compassionate leader. You’ll have professional skills, science and business knowledge, and values – vital components of a good character, enabling you to be at the forefront of your industry.

Location & Facilities
MIB College has earned international recognition for its innovative approaches to education and has been a pioneer in the areas of team-based and integrated learning. With a faculty team renowned for its Food Service and Business experience and Academic Credentials, we are home to Malaysia’s most prestigious integrated business programs.

Our main campus is located in Petaling Jaya, New Town, Selangor, which has recently won the UNESCO Learning City Award. All 3 of our Practical Labs are set up specifically for class-based learning, which encourage teamwork and communication, skills essential in any high-performing kitchen today.

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