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Nottingham University Malaysia Campus

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The University of Nottingham prides itself on its unique International Curriculum which we believe truly enhances the student experience.

The Malaysia campus plays a special role within Nottingham's global vision. We have an increasing number of students participating in our inter-campus exchange programmes and offer an exciting range of Summer School programmes all of which have an international element; be it through language learning or courses with a special focus on Asian travel, business or culture.

The Malaysia campus also plays a leading role in the development, strategy and implementation of the International curriculum as the International working group is lead by Vice-Provost for Teaching and Learning, Professor Ong Fon Sim.

Life on campus
The University of Nottingham Malaysia offers a range of services and facilities for our students. Aside from state-of-the-art library, the university also excellent non-academic facilities such as a cafe and extensive sports centre to make life on campus more enjoyable.

The Student Association is at the heart of student social life with different clubs and societies to suit every preference.

Malaysian culture is very diverse with multiple ethnic groups residing in the same place, making it a very interesting experience for students to study here. The cost of living in Semenyih is low compared to most cities in Malaysia.

Teaching and learning
University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM) has been granted Self-Accrediting Status by Ministry of Education (MOE) through the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). This privilege is awarded to mature institutions which have robust internal systems for quality assurance.

An Internal Quality Audit (IQA) will be conducted for non-professional courses prior to the first cohort of graduating. The courses will be listed in Malaysia Qualifications Register (MQR)

Studying at University of Nottingham Malaysia means you’ll spend your time:

•learning from staff in taught classes
•working in groups with other students
•reading around your interests

The world-class teaching facilities allow staff to organise lectures, seminars, tutorials and practical classes to best suit your learning

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