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Riam Institute of Technology

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Riam Institute of Technology was set up in 1997 as a non-profit, private college in Malaysia; with the support from Sarawak State Government and Sarawak Chinese Chamber of Commerce. On 2 August 2003, it officially obtained Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Swasta (IPTS) status and became a private institution of higher learning. It is managed by the Board of Directors of Riam Educational Sdn Bhd.

Riam Institute of Technology prides itself to be the real home-grown institution that provides quality education. It has a humble beginning some 20 years ago as a vocational college. Today, RIAMTEC is a tertiary education institution that offers a range of programs from pre-university studies to technical and non-technical courses; nestled in different schools.

RIAMTEC revels in a culture of learning by doing. The integrated-study-and-work courses are designed focusing on technical and soft skills acquisition, and direct contact with industry and employers. With a strong emphasis on applied learning, we have been successfully producing highly skilled graduates for the challenging and evolving work environment.

At Riam Institute of Technology, our mission has always been to educate and create a world of opportunities for future generation. We empower every student to acquire skills and become technologically literate professionals. Not only is Riam Institute of Technology a college for education, it is a centre of excellence that ensures every student is well-qualified to play a meaningful role in society, aware of broader implications of technological development and of their responsibility towards global challenges. Regardless of background, every student should be able to study and succeed in our college.

Riam Institute of Technology is a pioneer of technological higher education with our alumni playing important roles in innovation, economic and social development. Riam Institute of Technology continues to build on these solid foundations to provide quality education for all in the 21st century.

•More than 20 years of Education Excellence.
•100% of RIAMTEC graduates are employed upon graduation. (Based on Job Placement Department Statistics)
•Our graduates go global. (United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Singapore, West Malaysia and East Malaysia).
•Our applied education meeting the needs of the industry. Combination of practical and theory. All Diploma courses are completed within a reasonable time-frame for employment or future education.
•Culturally Diverse Learning environment campus. Our integrated classroom environment helps students to collaborate and embrace diversity which enables them to foster mutual respect and teamwork; expand knowledge and enrich their minds.
•New building block will house state-of-the-art facilities to enrich students' learning experience.
•Conducive and Safe campus where you have access to quality education and skill training at peace of mind.

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