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The One Academy

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The One Academy is a MQA-accredited college with MSC-status, carrying formal affiliations with reputable design universities and colleges worldwide. The One Academy's 'Masters Train Masters' teaching philosophy that provides 'Just World Class Results' has enabled students to experience heightened evolution in concept development and creativity.

Here at The One Academy, we offer you an outstanding professional art and design education. Start off with a diploma. Fly high with a degree. Whatever it is you’re looking for, our strong foundation will help you out.

International Industry-standard Facilities
Whether you choose to pursue your design education in the heart of the Malaysian peninsula or on the tranquil confines of its island state, you can be assured that you will receive the very best we have to offer. The places are different. The experiences are different. But the quality of work and learning is the same.

Here at The One Academy, your international-standard benefits extend from your physical campus to its environment: a thriving metropolis rich in internationally proven branding, design and business strategy references. This is where all your theories will come to life before your eyes.

Campus Life
We aim to support all our students in their journey through art and design, nurturing fulfilled, balanced and professional graduates.

We have a vibrant, diverse student community, and do our best to ensure their needs are served and their voices heard. Whether you’re just a stone’s throw away or far from home, there’s always a lot to take part in at The One Academy - even beyond your class hours.

Clubs & Societies
We have several clubs and organizations aimed at widening our students’ knowledge, equipping them with new skills, providing a support system and just letting them have some fun.

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