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UCSI University

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UCSI University is a vibrant community of learning and scholarship. At present, more than 12,000 students study at the University. Over the years, students from 110 different countries have studied at UCSI University, making the campus a melting pot of culture and diversity. As one of Malaysia’s first private universities, UCSI University has long impacted the national higher education landscape and the University continues to do so with its wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

The University’s academic staff are at the forefront of their disciplines and their views are highly sought after on major issues; from business to political science. Many of our academics have extensive experience working overseas and some play advisory roles in public bodies and various committees. By bringing their experiences into the classroom, our academics cater to an exhilarating learning environment and learners will thrive as they balance academic mastery with industrial application.

Students Activities and Recreation
SAR provides and enhances the students educational experiences at UCSI University with diverse opportunities for practical experience through co-curricular activities.

These activities provide valuable hands-on experience for leadership and character development through social, cultural, intellectual, recreational, community services and campus governance programmes.

Training and Internship
At UCSI, students are given opportunities to gain industry exposure and knowledge as well as improve their skills for employability and career advancement. We provide integrated services to all our students towards an invaluable and rewarding career journey that demands continual learning and integration. Below are the opportunities available for training and internship.

Research and development, one of the forefront causes at UCSI University received a face-lift under the newly-formed Centre dubbed the CERVIE or the Centre of Excellence for Research, Value Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Aimed at promoting research, value innovation and entrepreneurship as one of the University's core drivers, CERVIE intends to establish the University's reputation as a knowledge creator through four main strategic thrusts, namely Internal Capabilities, Smart Partnerships, Enterprise Value Innovation and Knowledge Dissemination through the implementation of the triple helix model (Government, Industry and University). Consequently, the CERVIE is strategically committed to excellence in its engagement with stakeholders in business, industry, government and communities.

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