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UOW Malaysia KDU

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UOW Malaysia KDU is part of the University of Wollongong Australia’s global network, but has a long history of providing accessible, quality, tertiary education to Malaysia, and the surrounding regions, as KDU college and university colleges. Established in 1983, KDU was Malaysia’s first purpose-built private college that provided opportunities for Malaysian youth to pursue high-quality overseas tertiary education in a local setting. Riding on the success of the Damansara Jaya campus, a second campus in Penang was established in 1991. In August 2010, KDU College Damansara Jaya was upgraded to University College status – a reflection of its quality programmes, excellent teaching facilities, and strong industry partnerships. KDU University College then moved to its new flagship campus at Utropolis Glenmarie in January 2015. Also in 2015, KDU College Penang was upgraded to University College status. Both university colleges offer a full spectrum of programmes, within a contemporary learning environment utilizing state-of-the-art facilities, from Foundation through to bachelor degrees and postgraduate programmes. These include programmes in hospitality, tourism and culinary arts, game development and computing, communications, creative arts, business, engineering and nursing.

Through its global connections and real-world learning opportunities, KDU has nurtured many bright minds from different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities, inspiring them to make positive contributions to society. It has provided a platform for practical, impactful ideas to grow and for students to reach their potential.

As the first institution to have a purpose-built campus within a larger sustainable ecosystem and being the first to offer twinning programmes in the nation, KDU has broadened opportunities for its 50,000 graduates, who have gone on to find success in a range of fields, including in careers as corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and celebrities around the globe.

Teaching & Learning Centre (TLC)
The Teaching & Learning Centre (TLC) is located at the heart of UOW Malaysia KDU. At TLC, we strive to encourage excellence in learning and teaching critically and independently.

We believe in inspiring holistic, lifelong learning in students and lecturers. We support the University, its different Schools, individual academic staff and students through transforming teaching and learning methods to achieve excellence.

We believe that the knowledge shared at our Centre has an impact on our community. Therefore, certain TLC events are also made available to the larger community surrounding UOW Malaysia KDU in order to enrich and engage interested members of the public.

Research Centre
At UOW Malaysia KDU, we perceive the process of discovery as a creative and rigorous endeavour. We encourage such exploration by supporting the research and development of ideas, solutions and applications that will benefit our community.

UOW Malaysia KDU strives to inspire students and academic staff to share and serve in the academic field. The Research Centre at UOW Malaysia KDU aims to promote the enjoyment of learning and publishing research.

The UOW Malaysia KDU community is one that values learning and research at all levels. A dynamic range of workshops and programmes related to research and entrepreneurship exists to supplement the ongoing development of students and staff. In addition, UOW Malaysia KDU staff are supported in their quest to further deepen their expertise and network through research grants and conference support.

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