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Massey University

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The history of Massey University
Massey University has grown from a small agricultural college in Palmerston North to become New Zealand's largest residential university spread over three cities. Massey University now has three campuses in the North Island, and the highest number of extramural students.

Massey offers the only veterinary science programmes in New Zealand. Massey also offers the only Bachelor of Aviation degree in New Zealand. Massey University qualifications are recognised worldwide and several programmes have international accreditation.

From 85 students in the first year, Massey now has over 35,000 internal and extramural students.

Why choose Massey?
Massey University is an innovative, self-reliant, outward-facing institution committed to defining our future. Our students can expect a teaching and learning environment that will enable them to be creative, connected and innovative contributors to society. We are a research-led university that is committed to the application of knowledge.

What makes Massey unique
Massey is truly the 'University of New Zealand'. The only multi-campus university in New Zealand, we have 36,000 students in total, including our distance learning students. Since we were founded more than 80 years ago, we have been breaking new ground in all our areas of expertise - business, creative art, health, science and humanities and social science.

International Student Support
What do we do
Each campus has an International Student Support (ISS) team to help and support you while you are studying with us. You will meet us during Orientation, and through out the year you will have the opportunity to enjoy info sessions, workshops, social events and trips. We encourage you to use as many of student life services during your study journey as well as contacts within University. We also have extensive contacts with local agencies and community organisations.

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