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Massey University College

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Colleges and research centres
Massey and its Colleges undertake a wide-range of research related initiatives and host many research centres, providing staff and students with world-class infrastructure and support. Massey promotes collaborative arrangements, innovative research, technology transfer, and encourages links with national and international academic and research institutions and commercial organisations.

Our research excellence means Massey is host to two of the seven centres of research excellence (CoRE) supported by the New Zealand government, and is a partner in three of the others. Centres of research excellence were established by the government to encourage collaborative world-class research. They are primarily, but not exclusively, inter-institutional research networks, with researchers working together on a commonly agreed work programme. Each CoRE is hosted by a university and comprises a number of partner organisations including other universities, crown research institutes and wananga.

Why choose Massey?
Massey University is an innovative, self-reliant, outward-facing institution committed to defining our future. Our students can expect a teaching and learning environment that will enable them to be creative, connected and innovative contributors to society. We are a research-led university that is committed to the application of knowledge.

What makes Massey unique
Massey is truly the 'University of New Zealand'. The only multi-campus university in New Zealand, we have 36,000 students in total, including our distance learning students. Since we were founded more than 80 years ago, we have been breaking new ground in all our areas of expertise - business, creative art, health, science and humanities and social science.

Massey University is consistently ranked in the top 3% of universities worldwide (QS World University rankings).

Inspiring teachers
Massey University staff have won 17 national Tertiary Teaching Excellence awards in the past 13 years.

International collaboration
Massey University has high-level collaborations with tertiary institutions around the world. We have 218 active international partnership agreements. Massey receives international accreditation for its unique world-class programmes in veterinary science and business.

Leader in technology
We have the widest offering of digital teaching technology of any university in New Zealand. We were also the first New Zealand tertiary provider to join an international consortium offering Open Online Courses.

Real-world research
Massey has a well-established reputation for its academic leadership, research excellence and innovative teaching grounded in real-world issues.

World-leading in agriculture
Massey is ranked the no.1 university in New Zealand and in the top 50 in the world for agriculture.

Award-winning designers
Our creative arts students have won more awards than any other design school. We are the oldest and most prestigious design school in New Zealand.

Largest business school
Massey has one of the largest business schools in the country and the only university-based trading room in the country.

Top in distance learning
Massey is a leader in distance and blended education. We have been teaching via distance learning for over more than 50 years. We have taught more than 250,000 distance students.

Learning at Massey is not just about the theory. With a range of internship and practicum options, we create work-ready graduates with a career advantage.

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