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William Colenso College

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William Colenso College is a co-educational school with 500 students from years 7 to 13, located on a spacious campus, is a modern and progressive school with a rich tradition of providing high quality academic, cultural and sporting opportunities.

The school is successful, small scale and has a friendly, safe environment. Our staff and students accomplish excellent results in all areas of school and society – whether it’s in sports, academia, arts, culture or community. We have been helping students from around the world achieve success in this environment for 30 years.

Students study a comprehensive range of academic subjects and specialist programmes. Academic pathways are crafted to suit individual needs. Our highly trained teachers love investing their time and sharing knowledge with students.

All students study core academic subjects including maths, English, sciences and social sciences. Maori language and cultural classes are also offered and are a significant part of the school character. Students can choose to develop their practical and creative skills in woodwork, textiles, metalwork and engineering, food and nutrition, design, photography, art, digital technologies, physical education, dance and our nationally-recognised outdoor education class.

The college prides itself on the support it offers International Students. Our pastoral care coordinator builds a support network around every student. Our experienced and trusted homestay parents work with us, with each other and alongside the international student group to help everyone thrive and grow in their time here. Many homestay families become lifelong friends with their students and families.

Our team includes a nurse and a student counsellor, as well as extra-tuition and in-class support for those who require it. We also have a culture of inclusion and co-operation, meaning that all members of staff and students will support and encourage all of our International Students. Also, with 20 to 30 International Students at William Colenso College, you’ll never be short of friends or support from someone who is in the same situation as you.

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