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Raffles Design Institute

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Since establishing its first college in Singapore in 1990, Raffles has grown to operate 19 colleges and universities in 18 cities across 12 countries.

Our flexible inter-school transfer scheme allows students to study at any of Raffles’ network of colleges and universities, immerse themselves in different cultures and experience living overseas.

Students who are enrolled in Raffles benefit from a quality education with a well-rounded hands-on experience relevant to the industry. This enables them to improve their career opportunities.

Studying in a multi-national environment enables our students to expand their personal network, be exposed to international perspectives and greatly enhances career opportunities beyond their home country.

We embrace a holistic education through the development of superior thinking processes, the mastery of communication, and the acquisition of thorough and effective work methods.

Our curriculum and pedagogy are designed to be industry-focused and relevant. Our students are empowered to innovate with creativity. The skills that our students acquire will far exceed the knowledge and expertise of the profession, setting them on the road to success.

Founded in the historical part of Singapore with a fusion of rich heritage and modern attractions, Raffles campuses present a chic and contemporary design, with a spacious layout to provide a creative and conducive learning environment for students.

Raffles campuses consist of seminar rooms, classrooms, workshops, studios, library and laboratories with the latest equipment and technological applications, enabling interactive learning experiences.

At the Student Connexion, students indulge in simple elegance that unfurls the sophistication of designer elements, where they can mingle and establish networks with their peers of different nationalities.

Improving the Raffles Quality is an ongoing journey. In seeking recognition and accreditation, what shines through must be true-blue Raffles Quality that we stand for. Raffles continues to strive for excellence in delivering high quality education and providing an enriching learning experience for our students.

Super Golden Bull Award, Influential Brands Award, and International Quality Crown Award
•Super Golden Bull Award 2018
•Influential Brands Award 2018
•International Quality Crown Award 2018

IAIR Corporate Award
•Best Company for Leadership in Private Education in Asia Pacific 2015
•Excellence of the Year for Leadership in Education in Asia 2016

World Branding Award
•Brand of the Year National Award 2015
•Brand of the Year National Award 2016
•Brand of the Year National Award 2017

International Star Award, Diamond Prize Award, and ESQR’s Quality Choice Prize
•International Star Award For Quality (Gold Category) 2014
•International Diamond Prize Award Excellence in Quality 2015
•ESQR’s Quality Choice Prize Success Quality Management 2016

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