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Singapore Institutions

What Makes Singapore a Great Place to Further Your Studies

Medium of Instruction

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The best thing about studying in Singapore is you do not have to learn a brand new language to get into a university. English is used throughout the university setting and elsewhere. 

High-Quality Education

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With some of the highest ranking universities in the world located here, one do not have to worry about the quality of the education system. What you need to do is to schedule an appointment with our education counsellor to find the course and university that suits you. 

Better Value than UK & US

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If compared to its Asian neighbours, Singapore is indeed more expensive but if you compare it with the other popular destinations for studying abroad like the UK or US, you will see how Singapore is far more affordable.

Always remember that total fees for undergraduate and postgraduate studies may differ depending on the course you take and the university you choose. To find out more, do talk to our friendly education consultant.

Safe and Clean Environment

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As a country that enforces strict law, you can always be rest assured that these laws help create a safe space for locals and foreigners.

In addition, the country’s well-developed infrastructure and efficient transport system make it more convenient for foreign students to travel around the country with ease.

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