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ARU College

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Life at ARU College and Anglia Ruskin

Supporting our students is our first priority and we strive to provide a comfortable, encouraging learning environment for our students during their studies. We want the best for our students and that means helping them fulfill their full potential by achieving a degree at Anglia Ruskin University.

Services available at ARU College
Aru College encourages you to use all the support services available and to contact our friendly staff for advice and assistance whenever you need it. Remember, we are here to help you achieve success on whichever pathway you have chosen to study.

The Student Support team looks after all our students' needs, including:
•Academic performance monitoring -- Students in Jeopardy programme
•Assignment help
•Attendance monitoring
•Disability support
•English language support
•Enrolment on your pathway
•Learning support
•Orientation programmes
•Registration with Anglia Ruskin University
•Registration with ARU college
•Social activities
•Student welfare
•Study skills training
•24/7 emergency assistance

Activities at ARU College
If you are interested in getting involved in sports and cultural societies, Anglia Ruskin University is the perfect university for you. Cambridge and Chelmsford offer a wide range of recreational and sporting facilities that you can use, including cricket pitches, sports halls and gyms. At CRIC we organise events every semester. Previously we have held talent shows, sports events (including football and cricket tournaments), visits to the coast and theme parks.

Being part of sports and cultural societies while you are at Anglia Ruskin University will open up many social and career opportunities to you. We encourage our students to participate in such activities as much as possible.

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