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CATS Cambridge

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The modern CATS Cambridge campus is located near the city centre, close to the prestigious University of Cambridge and the beautiful River Cam – allowing you to enjoy everything Cambridge has to offer.

During your induction we ensure that you have everything you need to make Cambridge your second home. We will show you the local banks, shopping areas, bus routes and bookstores so that you can settle in easily, as well as introducing you to clubs so that you can make friends. We pride ourselves on growing a community of excited and happy students. Our team of live-in House Parents are always on hand to provide you with the highest standard of safety and pastoral care. Your House Parent will also make teachers aware of issues that happen outside of the classroom such as homesickness or trouble with homework, so that you are fully supported at every step of your CATS journey.

Why Choose CATS Cambridge?

•Personal Tutor (PT) - Every student at CATS is assigned a Personal Tutor (PT) to make sure that you are happy and able to fulfil your potential, and together with about 15 other students this will form your Personal Tutor Group. Your PT will guide and assist you in all areas of life at the school, and you will regularly meet to discuss your personal development – from personal wellbeing to aims and targets, challenges and accomplishments.

•Programme Director (PD) - Each Programme of Study also has a Programme Director (PD). This is a senior teacher who oversees all the Personal Tutor groups for your programme. If your Personal Tutor is not available for any reason you can always talk to your Programme Director or contact a member of the welfare team.

•Welfare Officer - Our Welfare Officer will ensure that you have everything you need – offering advice on travel, culture shock, personal emotional support and counselling for personal issues. So you can feel confident settling into a new home with a new culture.

•Health Centre and Nurses - Our fully trained onsite medical staff manage the Health Centre and provide support including medicine and health advice, information on diet and healthy living, assessing and providing treatment if required, making referrals to Doctors, Dentists and other specialists.

•Keeping parents informed - The Student Services team, along with your Personal Tutor act as a link between your teachers, House Parents and your parents. Your Personal Tutor will be involved in everything from emotional and social support, to monitoring attendance, academic progress and helping with your university application – your parents are then regularly updated on your progress.

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