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Kings Education

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College Preparation for the best UK universities
The perfect bridge to a Top 30 university

•100% of Top 30 universities accept Kings students
•Oxbridge and Medical School pathways
•45% A*- A at A-level

Is our pledge of support
All of us at Kings give a simple commitment. In these unprecedented times of change we will do everything we can to provide practical and personal support whenever and wherever it is needed.

We will help our students, our partners and our colleagues to adapt to new circumstances. We are making the most of the technology which is changing the ways in which we can learn, communicate and support each other.

Is a celebration of what we do
We work together to change thousands of lives for the better. One student at a time. In challenging times, that’s worth remembering and celebrating.

The education we provide leads to new qualifications, new opportunities and new careers. It opens up new experiences and new friendships in new places.

Not only for our students, but for all of us who work to support them on their journeys.

That will never change.

International school partnerships
We work in partnership with organisations across the globe to provide a wide range of relevant international education experiences and opportunities for progression to leading universities in the US and UK.

Together with our partner schools, we can create the global pathway opportunities for students which begin in the comfort and familiarity of their school and progress smoothly to life-changing experiences abroad.

Working in partnership and combining our strengths, expertise and core values we provide global opportunities for our students and prepare them for the future.

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