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The Worthgate School Canterbury

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The Worthgate School, Canterbury
Formerly CATS Canterbury, the Worthgate School has been inspiring and empowering students to achieve for over 70 years. Qualifications at the Worthgate School include University Foundation Programme, GCSE and A level, and the school is one of the few institutions in the UK to offer the International Baccalaureate.

The Worthgate School is an international boarding school in Canterbury for ages 13+ that has been inspiring and empowering students to succeed for over 70 years. At The Worthgate School we are committed to creating a safe, inclusive and supportive education environment.

The Worthgate School is a fully immersive English environment. All school life, including lessons, are conducted in English, giving every student the opportunity to master the language in both academic and social settings. Our immersive education style nurtures every student to build knowledge, become resilient and achieve the best outcomes in life.

• INSPIRE - Our ambitious and stimulating education experience develops inquisitive mindsets and motivates students to recognise and embrace opportunities in life.

• EMPOWER - A nurturing and supportive environment is key to strengthening a student’s resolve, giving them the attitude, skills and confidence to overcome any challenge.

• ACHIEVE - We recognise the ambition of each student, work with them to understand their goals, and support them to persevere and achieve success.

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