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Canning College

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Canning College offers quality pathways to university for International Students. Pathways include Year 10, Year 11, Year 12, Certificate IV in University Access Program, and Diploma of Commerce. Founded in 1982, Canning College, an independent government school, boasts an extraordinary success rate for students continuing their education at prestigious universities.

Canning College was established by the Education Department of Western Australia in 1982 to provide the opportunity for adults to return to education at a Year 12 level. Since then, Canning College has established an enviable reputation for providing excellent educational opportunities and services for International students who are seeking a quality pathway to University.

Our programs have expanded to provide the opportunities to complete education at a Year 10 and Year 11 level, Pre-Diploma and First Year University level courses.

The Western Australian government announced that from 2019, Canning College would be the state's dedicated provider of education programs for International students completing senior secondary programs. As such, we're committed to building on our long history educating and supporting international students to provide quality educational outcomes and a memorable international student experience.


Pre - arrival
As an international college, Canning College is very aware of the importance of making the extra effort to support students who have not only moved to another country but for many are living away from home for the first time.

When students accept an offer from Canning College, the helpful staff in Student Services maintain constant contact with them by sending important information in the pre-departure pack and follow up emails with helpful information to help them prepare for their new adventure.

Airport Meeting Service
To help with a stress-free arrival, the College can organise for students to be met by a driver on arrival at Perth International Airport. Students will be transported to their accommodation free of charge on their initial arrival to Perth. This includes students with homestay arrangements through Australian Homestay Network (AHN). Arrangements for airport pick up and accommodation will need to be made by completing the appropriate forms sent to students in their pre-departure pack.

All new students are required to attend the compulsory Orientation program which provides them with crucial information and advice that will assist them in adjusting to the living and learning environment of the College and Perth. Students also receive help in selecting subjects, opening bank accounts, student/concession cards and finding permanent accommodation.

The outings and fun activities that take place during the Orientation also provide a good opportunity for students to make friends and get to know the staff at Canning College. Costs for all accommodation, transport and meals during the orientation program are covered by the College.

Subject Selection
As final subject selection is completed during Orientation, students are provided with:
•General talk on careers and college pathways
•Information on specific university programs and study majors
•Detailed subject information from Heads of Department
•Individual interview with an Advisor
•An individual timetable prior to commencement of classes

The costs for all accommodation, transport and meals during the orientation program are covered by the College.

Student Services
The Student Services Office is a focal point for students, where a Director and other specialist staff are available to provide pastoral care, information, advice and assistance in dealing with day-to-day matters such as accommodation, study problems, subject selection, guidance in tertiary entrance, visa/passport enquiries, and enquiries on behalf of friends or relatives.

Student advisors (located in Student Services) are available on a roster to assist students with personal and academic issues. The advisors also supervise all activities during orientation and enrol every student during this program. During term times, advisors help students with any concerns regarding their subjects, wellbeing, university choices, attendance etc. All matters are handled with appropriate discretion and are completely confidential. Advisors are an important link between the student and agent/parents.

The school psychologist helps Canning College meet the social, emotional, learning and behaviour needs of students. Working closely with the student services, teachers, students and families, school psychologists help schools make improvements that support the wellbeing for all students in a culturally appropriate manner.

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