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Deakin College

CRICOS Code 01590J

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Introducing Deakin College
Experience the supportive and innovative study environment that Deakin College offers. Use the latest digital technologies as part of your learning and immerse yourself at the centre of Deakin University life from the start. As the preferred provider of Deakin University pathways, the journey to your dream degree starts here.

Your Pathway to Deakin University
•Deakin’s preferred pathway provider
•Supportive study environment designed to help you succeed.
•Fast-track study options available. Complete your course in eight or twelve months.
•Highest overall student satisfaction among Victorian universities for the last 9 years*.

Why Choose Deakin College

•Flexible Start Dates - With three intakes per year, you can choose to enter a course when it is convenient for you

•Located with Deakin Uni - We're located on Deakin University campuses with full access to services and facilities

•Supported Learning Environment - Access to a wide range of services to ensure you transition smoothly to Deakin University

•Fast-track Options - Complete a Diploma course in just eight months, making it possible to enter university much earlier than students studying in a conventional pathway program.

•Small Class and Tutorial Groups - With a maximum of 30 students per class, complemented by small group tutorials and workshops, you will receive intensive academic contact and support.

•Convenient Transport - All Deakin College campuses are conveniently located and easily accessible by public transport.

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