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American Collegiate LA

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American Collegiate, Los Angeles
Located in Westwood Village, Los Angeles, this location is only for non-degree-seeking students. Students complete one year of freshman classes, while cultivating rewarding experiences inside and outside the classroom.

Why Choose American Collegiate, LA?

American Collegiate Academy students take cross-disciplinary courses, earn valuable undergraduate-level college credit and apply to a diverse set of institutions that meet their personal and professional goals.

Comprehensive academic support and concierge services assist with every stage of your journey – from visa arrangements to program completion.

Our expert transfer advisors help you identify your academic goals and customize a strategic plan to get you accepted to your first-choice transfer school.

Students live and study in LA’s vibrant Westwood Village neighborhood while enrolled in the Academy program.

Anywhere in the World
With our Live-to-Device technology, you can start earning university credits from anywhere you call home. Learn from experienced faculty at the University of Massachusetts Boston, a top-200 US university.

•Bilingual translation support for academic coursework.
•Earn university credits recognized throughout the United States.
•Study courses in English, mathematics, science, history, and more

Transfer Programs
Spend your first year at American University in Washington, DC, or at UCLA Extension School in Los Angeles, CA, earning undergraduate-level credits you can apply toward a transfer to a top-ranked US university. When you come to American Collegiate, you will develop the academic and cultural skills needed to succeed at any university in America or beyond.

•Earn up to one year of undergraduate-level credit.
•Receive personalized guidance on selecting a major and choosing a transfer school.
•Apply as a transfer student anywhere in the US after year one.

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