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American Collegiate Live

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American Collegiate Live
Begin your studies at home—or at a local study center—with our Live technology. Learn from US professors and earn course credits recognized at universities throughout the US and Canada.

The right choice for right now.
1. Get a head start on earning your degree or stay on track with your studies
• Classes start every semester from any location—no delays or interruptions
• Earn both academic and English credits

2. Experience a digital classroom that rivals being there
• We bring the university to you—state-of-the-art interactive technology means as much direct engagement with professors as in a standard classroom
•83% of counselors rate our program better than traditional online learning*

3. Credits you earn are recognized across the US
• All classes taught by top faculty at nationally ranked US universities
• Each course is broadly recognized at US and Canadian colleges and universities

*Data from surveys conducted during American Collegiate demonstrations, 2020.

Recognized Credits
All credits earned within the American Collegiate Live program are taught and transcripted by nationally ranked and regionally accredited universities with wide credit recognition at colleges and universities throughout the United States, Canada, and beyond.

The following are examples of colleges and universities that have evaluated credits earned in American Collegiate Live for transfer and have existing course equivalencies for the curriculum. Please note that the number of credits that are recognized by your destination university may vary based on university, track and English language proficiency.

Universities in bold have confirmed full recognition and transfer of credit-bearing courses in the American Collegiate curriculum.

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