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Gonzaga University

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Excellent Academics & Programs
Expand your Horizons
The academic heart of Gonzaga's liberal arts tradition lies in its University Core Curriculum, which integrates philosophy, theology, mathematics, literature, writing and speaking. A common thread throughout all of these disciplines is the value of the written word; students at Gonzaga carry out extensive writing projects throughout all their courses of study.

Gonzaga offers 75 undergraduate majors and programs, 26 master’s degrees, a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies, a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, and a Juris Doctor through the School of Law. Explore these academic opportunities through the course catalog. Additionally, undergraduates may participate in several distinctive academic programs. The average undergraduate class size is 22 and the student-to-faculty ratio is 12:1. Gonzaga also offers study abroad programs in over 60 countries, including our longest-running program, Gonzaga-in-Florence, Italy.

An Affordable Investment
Your Gonzaga degree is an investment - one that will pay dividends in passions found, connections made, and careers launched.

It's our mission at Gonzaga to help every student achieve their fullest potential. That means providing opportunities through scholarship and financial aid to make a Gonzaga education more accessible. That also means ensuring that our teaching remains exceptional and inspiring, so that the value of a Gonzaga diploma is one of the best in the country.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
At Gonzaga University diversity affirms our faith-inspired commitment to an inclusive community where human differences thrive within our living, working and learning environment. We seek to nourish difference in our community characterized by mutual respect and the sustainable creation of a campus climate that attracts and retains students, faculty and staff members from diverse backgrounds.

In this context our human differences contribute to the richness of our academic community life. These differences grace us individually as human beings and collectively as a Jesuit, Catholic and humanistic university striving to fulfill our Mission.

As a community of life-long learners for the common good, we are bound together in dialogue. In this belonging the more we explore our similarities and differences, the stronger our relationships and understanding become. Gonzaga University Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion sets very intentional goals for ourselves to help us become an inclusive, empathetic, and empowering multicultural institution.

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