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INTO Saint Louis University

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Saint Louis University: Better yourself, better the world
Domestic and international students alike choose to pursue their US degree at Saint Louis University for the holistic, challenging, career-minded approach to education. SLU consistently ranks highly for its graduate and undergraduate programs in an array of fields, including business, engineering, law and humanities. Add to the ranks of high-achieving international students who choose to study at a leading US university and get the support from INTO SLU throughout your degree program. Additionally, SLU ranks #2 Most Engaged School for Community Service (Princeton Review 2020).

Located in the center of St. Louis, you'll find academic and professional opportunities just around the corner from the dorm room you call home. Attend class on campus with students from around the world, then head to your internship or research study. St. Louis plays host to industries such as business, finance, health care, aerospace, technology and bioscience. St. Louis ranks among the top 7 US innovation districts (Brookings Institute 2019). There are 15 Fortune 500 and 1000 companies headquartered in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

More about INTO Saint Louis University
When you choose to study abroad, you need to know that the right support and services await you at your American university. You need to know that you’ve made the right choice for your college experience and US degree. Our programs are tailored to international students like you. From the moment you apply, our INTO staff and faculty are here to support you. We help you throughout your academic journey and answer any questions you might have. What classes should you take next semester? Get support from one of our academic advisors. How can you meet more people? Join one of our cultural and social programs or learn more about the 200+ student-run clubs right on SLU’s campus. We help you thrive in the classroom, feel comfortable in your new surroundings and experience every aspect of studying abroad in the US.

Join our international community
With approximately 78 countries represented right on SLU’s campus, international students are welcome throughout classrooms, student organizations—and the city of St. Louis. A diverse and growing metropolis, you’ll feel at home on and off campus. Speak up in your small classroom setting, where your faculty and peers want to hear from you. Challenge world views and strengthen values based on research and a holistic approach to learning. The Carnegie Foundation lists SLU as one of nine Catholic universities with a higher or highest research designation. Engage in thinking, learning and doing that will transform the world.

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