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INTO Suffolk University

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Suffolk University Boston: Network in your neighborhood
Suffolk University, settled in vibrant and diverse Boston, makes the city of opportunity its classroom. Internships with major US and global organizations are around the corner from your dorm room, and you just might find yourself networking with future mentors while standing in line for your morning coffee. With an emphasis on student-centric and experiential learning, international students like you can dive into field work and research opportunities early on in your studies. Historic Beacon Hill blends in with the surrounding downtown area, which means your academic program is tied to your professional pursuits. Launch your international education with a degree program that sets you up for career success.

More about INTO Suffolk University
Get the support you need as an international student at the INTO Suffolk Center, located in the main library. Our location on campus is central to your classes and a hub for all the resources you may need. Struggling with a homework assignment? Come to the center for tutoring services. Need support on choosing classes next semester? Our academic advisors can help. Want to meet international students like you? Hang out with friends here.

Be in the center of it all
The INTO Suffolk Center is located in the main library, close to your classrooms and a dining hall, right in downtown Boston. Just step outside and you will find that your are in proximity to all city amenities, additional classrooms, recreational facilities, residence halls and restaurants. Back in the INTO center, we have dedicated staff ready and available to answer any questions you may have to ensure your success at Suffolk.

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