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INTO The University of Alabama at Birmingham

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The University of Alabama at Birmingham: Ignite your potential
Birmingham has played major roles in American history, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham is committed to playing its part on the global stage with revolutionary research. Our university embraces diversity; specifically, how our differences inform the breakthroughs and ideas only possible through multiple perspectives. International students contribute to that in a big way. Here, you’re encouraged to participate in field work that will serve those around you and potentially people around the world.

Birmingham’s economic impact combined with the university’s robust research funding gives the next generation of great thinkers the resources they need to flourish. At UAB, you won’t just graduate with a degree; our curriculum will push you to go beyond, so you enter the workforce with a skill-studded portfolio and an industry-savvy résumé. Join our league of world-changing leaders.

More about the INTO The University of Alabama at Birmingham Center
When you study here you'll enjoy all the benefits of campus life at an American university. Living and learning in the heart of the University of Alabama at Birmingham campus, you'll meet new friends among both American and international students. You'll also have access to all of the academic, social and cultural resources and activities at UAB.

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