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INTO Washington State University

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Washington State University: Create solutions for tomorrow
Cutting-edge research and world-class professors lead high-ranking degree programs at Washington State University. Start your career at a US university where education meets career preparation. Both domestic and international students like you choose to pursue degrees in engineering, computer science, business and other highly-sought programs. Find your home at one of our five campuses across the state of Washington. Our location in the Northwest positions you strategically for internships and STEM opportunities during and after your degree program.

More about the INTO Washington State University Center
Learning in a foreign language can be challenging. That is why our Pathway and English language programs have been designed to give you the tools you need to succeed at an American university. Feel confident in knowing that we have helped thousands of international students improve their writing, speaking and research skills so they can pursue their academic goals.

INTO Washington State University’s Pathway and English language programs lead to more than 230 degree programs, many of which have been honored nationally or internationally for excellence.

Helping you transition to the US
Your INTO Washington State University program has been designed to help you successfully transition into studying at an American university. How do we help? Our experienced teachers and student services team provide you with support in and out of the classroom. Whether you need English language assistance or have a question about where to eat, our knowledgeable staff are here for you.

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