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OnCampus Boston

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ONCAMPUS Boston is in partnership with Curry College, aiming to deliver excellence quality of academic and provide study options to international students from around the world.

ONCAMPUS partner university international foundation is a strategic cooperation project between many top universities in the world and Cambridge Education Group. International matriculation programs cover university campuses across the UK, Europe and the US.

International Foundation Year can provide students with :

Ensuring progression - With our partnership with many universities, we ensure that students advance to more than 500 professional degree programs at universities around the world.

Flexible Courses - We provide different courses and progression plans for various universities to ensure that all students can choose flexibly.

Rich experience and excellent quality - Since 1952, as a subsidiary of the Cambridge Education Group in the United Kingdom, it has provided relevant courses. It is the first institution in the UK to offer a foundation course and is also a leading international education group. The International Foundation has passed QAA audit.

Become a member of the university from the first day of enrollment - The International Foundation is located on the campus of a partner university, and students can enjoy a real university experience throughout the course of study.

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