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Southwestern University

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Southwestern University offers a top-ranked integrated arts and sciences curriculum that incorporates the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, and natural sciences.

At Southwestern University, you are not simply the passive consumer of current knowledge; you are an active participant in the creation of new knowledge. The Southwestern Experience is designed to develop the intellectual practices necessary to enhance your ability to explore regions of original thought and creative expression.

The world is changing—and at an accelerating pace. In a 21st-century career, you will be required to advance the frontiers of knowledge, adapt quickly to change, problem-solve new and complex challenges, and anticipate what’s next.

We’ve created an experience that prepares you for these new realities. Combining our flexible curriculum, the development of modern ways of thinking, and real-world experience, SU will equip you with the skills required to adapt, create, collaborate, and view challenges from multiple perspectives. These skills represent a valuable piece of a much broader, more relevant education for the tomorrow that awaits you.

Education for Tomorrow
Ours is a history of firsts. We are the first institution of higher education in Texas, home to three of the first Rhodes Scholars in Texas, and the first to celebrate homecoming. This tradition of firsts continues as Southwestern University creates a new and dynamic educational experience designed to produce a 21st-century thinker.

On the Edge of Austin
Located in Georgetown, Texas, Southwestern University provides the best of both worlds: a historic campus in a picturesque town with convenient access to all the city of Austin has to offer. Recently voted the Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas, Georgetown’s city center is within walking distance of campus, as are beautiful and safe walking trails along the San Gabriel River.

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