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The University of Vermont Global Gateway Program

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International Pathway Program to UVM

The Global Gateway Program provides you with a direct pathway to an elite degree at the University of Vermont, a top 100 university. Developed especially for international students, during your program you will develop your English language and academic skills, and adapt to life in the USA.

The 2-term Global Gateway Program is equivalent to Year 1 of a bachelor’s degree and offers progression to the second year of a four-year degree. The Master's International Year is a 2-term program where you will earn credits towards your graduate degree.

The University of Vermont Global Gateway Program is developed in partnership with Study Group, a global leader in preparing students for international academic success and rewarding careers through a life-changing learning experience. We offer customized programs across higher language and online education starting from high school to life-long learning.

Entry Requirements
English language and academic requirements needed to apply to a Global Gateway Program.

Undergraduate Study
Taught in 1, 2, or 3 terms, the Global Gateway Program helps you adapt as you start your undergraduate studies at UVM. Once you have completed the program, you will advance straight to the second year of your chosen degree. Pre-degree English language preparation is also available.

Graduate Study
Taught across 2 terms, the Master's International Year prepares you for your master’s degree at UVM. As well as taking modules from your chosen subject area, you will cover academic writing, presenting academic research and advanced academic communication skills.

Continue your studies in your chosen major at the University of Vermont after successful completion of the program.

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