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Effective Study Tips!

How many methods or ideas you have tried to keep yourself focus on your study? Are you struggling to concentrate at home and is still looking for the solutions to stay focused?

Don’t give up easily or feel disappointed! We will come across difficulties in focusing & learning! But that is not the problem, perhaps there is a solution or way to fix it.

# 1. Prioritise Your Schedule & Task

Always look into the priority of task in hands, to deliver and complete your task on time without procrastination! Why? Because you know what your strengths and weaknesses are, work on those you are good at to make sure you utilize your time efficiently and accurately. That is what we called “Time Management Efficiency”.

# 2. Record & Review

Perhaps you can start up with a new habit to record the session for easy reference or revision afterwards! Playback the recording during revision to ensure you did not miss out important points! This helps you to memorize better and remember the facts longer.

# 3. Study SMART & Seek for HELP

You should aim to study smart but not just memorizing from A-Z, always seek for help if necessary! Studying blindly without understanding the reason is not ideal, seek for clarification in depth and reach out for HELP is not something to be ashamed of. Remember, study SMART!

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