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Having Problem in Navigating YOUR Higher Education Route?

Have you been asking yourself this same question over and over without a proper solution? Seeking for second opinion but still unsure if you are capable to handle or cope with your decision, as you know it is one of the most important decisions of your life?

Hopefully we could give you some ideas on how to gather and find your ideal study program.

# 1. Interest of study

Do you have anything in mind that might interest you to pursue in the future?” – This question may sound simple to everyone. But in fact, this is a difficult yet tricky question that we all have to think wisely before making any move. Finding your interest start with your knowledge and exposure to certain topic, perhaps to research and gather relevant study information through different platforms, to have better understanding what the study programmes has to offer before you decide to commit.

# 2. Join Exhibition or Info Session

Stay active and join any university info session so that you can chat and ask questions regarding their study programmes, university facilities, lifestyle to expect, scholarships and so much more. The more you participate, the more info you can gather for comparison in advantages, differences, and budgeting! So that you will have a rough estimation to plan for your study route.

# 3. Understanding of Qualification Framework

Students often get confused with Education Qualification Framework. Actually there are a lot of different pathways to get you to university, but finding the right tertiary study level may sound challenging to digest if you do not understand the mode of requirement and the differences in each pathway.

Seek for further assistance with the education provider in finding more answer for your study journey, check out some personality test available out there to understand who you really are. But this is just a general guideline as reference, always good to know your strengths and weaknesses! # 4. Talk to a local education agent Your local education agent is a wealth of information and is practically a one-stop center that will get all your tertiary education questions answered. You can ask questions and compare universities with your expert education advisor and most excitingly, you can also get your application, accommodation, visa all done in one place. Best thing of all, their services are usually free. If you need to speak to a local education agent who has more than 30 years of experience, you can find MMS.

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