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Technology Hacks in Study

Have you ever wondered how you can improve in note taking, copy and paste key points from websites with tons of browser tabs…? Well, I know, it can be frustrating and you may procrastinate especially you have no idea where to start.

In fact, we are now surrounded with modern technology invention that we have been using daily. For example, mobile phone – Today we will be sharing some technology hacks that will benefit in note taking or learning effectively!

# 1. AI to Proofread

Now, you have written pages of essay or assignment but also take ages to read the sentences or paragraphs on papers. The easiest way to improve productivity in this area, you may want to check out proofread app available in the market or search online to get things done!

# 2. Youtube Research

Youtube is an excellent open public learning domain that provide tons of educational value & resourceful archives! With subtitles (CC) enabled, you are good to go and even improve your spelling along the way. Learn to study with confidence wherever you are or whenever you are free.

# 3. Study App

You may want to check out or download some useful study applications into your phone. For example, a voice note recording that convert to documents write up, this action may help in improve productivity in note taking and easy reference for revision.

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