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How to keep yourself MOTIVATED while studying at home

So, you have been studying since MCO implemented since last year 2020 but still having difficulties in keeping your motivation going? Feeling exhausted most of the time in sustaining and keeping your motivation level all time high?

Well… We are here to share some tips and tricks for you and hopefully you can take these ideas as consideration to improve your learning lifestyle.

# 1. Set your study routine

For example, you might want to set a timing which you feel most comfortable and most focused (Golden timing – Fit condition to studies). It could be an hour in the morning or an hour in the evening. That way, you can have a more conducive and quality environment in absorbing what you are learning effectively.

# 2. Reward Yourself

Always have a life balanced in personal and study time management, reward yourself with a cup of coffee or have break for “NETFLIX”. In a way to de-stress and manage your emotional response, in addition to keep a quality relaxation moment for yourself!

# 3. Set Your Target

To do this, set a target and have high expectation in each task being done. You must be determined and discipline to ensure this go well, set a time frame or deadline and review your write up or homework to ensure all good to go. So that you are always prepared to get good grades!

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